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Yesterday I Played Super Woman That’s The Life Of A Mom

13 Aug

I think I am still tired from yesterday. Today is a new day, but yesterday I was “Super Women”. I had so much to get done. Even though I knew it was going to be a busy day I still had to get on the computer to check Facebook, Twitter, Mom 2 Mom, upload my blog posting, and upload a picture to my blog, all before I got my day started. Before I got on the computer I had to call to my school; the community college that I am attending. The fall semester starts in 2 weeks, so I was trying to order my books online, but the system was not having it. I still didn’t order my books. After that it was time to get my love dressed then me. Breakfast was a no go yesterday morning, it was a grab something and go kind of day.

We had 3 set appointments but numerous stops to make yesterday. The heat made every stop almost unbearable. It was in the car seat, out the car seat, repeat this like 15 times. Now I am sick of the car seat! One appointment was at the WIC office. She got to see the dental hygienist, who painted fluoride on her teeth. Then the nutritionist told me not to give A’Janaya any food other then at meal and snack times. Only water in between. This is to get your child on a schedule for school as well as let them know food is offered at certain time, no earlier or later. I thought this was kind of harsh, but okay I think. They are always telling me how small she is, and asking me dumb questions like: Do you feed her? She is a slender something. Yes I do you idiot, she is my child! Of course I feed her! As for her being slender, its called DNA, its in her genes. To bad she got those genes from AJ. I get really tired of hearing that question.

Any way Pizza Hut was next. My daughter went around to different tables to talk to people. She did this more then she ate her food. But at least she did eat something. Recycling, Wal-mart, The Shoe Department, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Prince Edward Elementary school were all our next stops. Yesterday was open house at school. We got to meet A’Janaya’s teacher! Even though none of her friends are in the same class, she will make new friends. I know she was looking forward to being in her friends class, but life will go on.

Next was my friends house, which my daughter has been talking about going over for a while. So yesterday she got to do it. I had to make 2 more stops, Kroger and Dollar General again. Once I went back to my friends house it was time to go home.

My friends daughter slept over last night, and cried for “mama” a good portion of the time. When she wasn’t crying her and my daughter were playing in their dinner. Mashed potatoes in Bri’s hair and all on her forehead. Yeah I had to fix dinner. I have a thing that is called a “hungry man” his name is AJ, he’s always hungry. He can cook but is always looking for me to cook, even when I am super tired. What can I say he’s a man and I can cook!

Once it was bedtime Bri whined for “mama” until she fell asleep. She did this literally, she fell out of the bed! After the kids were in the bed and Bri was off of the floor, it was time for mommy and daddy to have some time to ourselves. We decided to watch a movie, Knocked Up, that movie is really funny. We laughed a lot! While watching the movie AJ had to go to the bathroom. I heard him say, “Oh shit”! Bri was sitting in the living room on the sofa all by herself and she wasn’t crying. She scared him! No one was suppose to be in the living room, especially at 2 something in the morning. She was mad she wouldn’t talk to us. She didn’t say it but she wanted her mama. Once Bri got in the bed with us I fell asleep. I woke up this morning it was just me and Bri in the bed. AJ was in the living room on the sofa with our daughter, sleep. I didn’t know he left out the room. I guess I was too tired to notice. He had finished the movie without me. Jokes on him, because I had already watched it! I knew he would like it, plus it was funny so I didn’t mind watching it again.


Bad, Bad Customer Service: VIBE Magazine

12 Aug

I use to love to read VIBE magazine, however that all changed due to BAD customer service. My boyfriend got locked up, due to driving without a license. While he was locked up I purchased him a VIBE magazine subscription. He got 2 magazines, then he came home. We had his mail forwarded from the jail back home, and I even called VIBE to change the address on the subscription. He received 2 magazines once he was home. The last issue that we received was the issue with Rhianna on the cover with the story “What’s Love Got To Do With It? Rhianna & Chris”. That was May, 2009. The present date is August 10th, 2010, and we have never received any more of the magazine subscription. Around June 2009, it may have been later then that, but I tried calling VIBE to see what the problem was. But the numbers were busy. I e-mailed VIBE, but I got no response.

I actually forgot about the 6 issues left on the subscription, until I saw VIBE on Twitter. I followed them, and to my surprise they followed me back. I sent a message there about the subscription, but I got no reply. I pulled out that last issue to see if the numbers work. IDK I thought it was worth a try. The numbers listed in the book for subscription requests does not work, I reached a number that was no longer in service or has been disconnected. I called the sales listings in the magazine, they don’t work either. One of the numbers, happened to be a number for another company. I did however have one valid number for the Midwest Advertising Sales, I left a message, and I waiting for a return call. I called this number Monday, today is Thursday and still no return call. I even called 411 to see if they had a number listed for VIBE they had none. They didn’t even have a listing for VIBE, VIBE Media Group, or VIBE Media Group LLC. Its like VIBE magazine no longer exists. Either way I would like my money, that I paid for the subscription. This is the worst customer service that I have ever seen. I don’t know if they stopped publishing or what. All I know is, my boyfriend was robbed of our remaining subscriptions. I would not recommend VIBE magazine to anyone, ever. And I use to recommend it because the subscription was real reasonable. But the customer service is GARBAGE. Maybe I will report them to the BBB. It has been a year and I haven’t heard anything from VIBE at all. What a shame. I will continue to let others know about my awful customer service experience that I experienced with VIBE magazine.

I Social Network, I Facebook, I Tweet, and I Wish You Join Me

5 Aug

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is good. I haven’t been on in a while. I know, I know. I have been finishing up with the last few weeks of school and it paid off. I made the presidents list yet again. So that means I am still an honor student. I am so PROUD of myself. Since school is over I can now get back to blogging, promoting my website, and Tweeting on Twitter. I have 79 followers on Twitter. Feel free to follow me I am MomPorschea87. I tweet about a wide variety of topics and I also let my followers know of whatever deals are going on. This really helps, because I am a bargain shopper to the extreme!
I have a website http://www.Mom2Mom.socialgo.com it is a social networking site for moms. Once I get more users I will add a video chat feature. So people, people please join. I might be bias but I feel it is a great site. Even though I only have 15 users, myself included. But hey I love my site. I also have a FaceBook page for the site http://www.facebook.com/#!/apps/application.php?id=137376279619345 it also links to my site Mom 2 Mom. I added a question for discussion for the first time today. I will be adding a question daily now. Feel free to comment and give your opinion, feed back, or whatever. It is really appreciated! I don’t have many people on any of my projects, but I am trying. While trying, I hope you will join me in my endeavors.

To Know Me Is To Blog Me

29 Jul

To know me is to blog me, you should also follow me. Yes I’m on Twitter @MomPorschea87 and I also have a social networking site for moms. YAY!! Even though I only have 13 users, myself included, but I am going to keep at it. Just in case if you are interested in joining the site is http://www.Mom2Mom.socialgo.com Sometimes I feel like giving up on the site at times because I have hardly any users. But its something that I started and I am going to stick with it. I find it so funny because if I had a dis yo baby mama site I would have lots of users. But whatever. It is a great place for stay at home moms. I say this because my site is mobile, but it does not work on all mobile devices. It can be accessed from cell phone that have full web browsing access, so that’s a good thing. One of these days I will be an internet sensation. I have started recording something like a video blog, which I will be uploading to You Tube. But for some reason it won’t let me upload my video. Once I iron out the kinks you (the reader) will be able to view The Life Of A Black Mom. I think its about time that black mothers are depicted, even if its just for the viewing pleasures on You Tube. Boy I can only imagine what I will be able to capture. I have a kid, obviously and they do say and do the funniest things. Plus with my boyfriend; child’s father and myself in the mix, it should be good. Nothing scripted or written, just real life. Something that “reality” shows are missing. So it will never be a dull moment. I hope that you will watch me. So in the mean time I will keep on being a mother and student who blogs, tweets, records, surfs the net, and all other things in between. After August 2nd when the summer semester ends I will have lots of free time to work on all of the things and sites that I am apart of. I hope that you will love it all. Or at least like it. Untill next time….. Blog me or Tweet me on Twitter @MomPorschea87