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Church, Offering, Love, and the Lord

27 Aug

I went to church this Sunday, as I do whenever I’m not working. Since I’ve been here in Newport News I had been looking for a church. And I finally found one. I have been attanding Six Mount Zion Baptist Temple for a couple of months now…and I love it! The preaching is great, the singing is amazing, I truely get a message from the word that I receive. I have been to many different churches; all of them Baptist, and I have heard many different preachers. Some services have left me feeling like I could be a better person, after the word that I received. Other services not so much. Whether the service was good or bad there is always a common thread…offering. Sure offering is a normal part of the church service. But I am speaking exclusively about the offering part of service.

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Should Celebrities Become Political Figures

11 Aug

Monday night I tuned into Night Line, as I do every week night. While watching Night Line, I tuned into an interview with Linda McMahon.

1st there was Arnold Schwarzenegger; the Terminator getting the job title of becoming the 38th Governor of California. Now there is a lady named Linda McMahon, she is running for the Senate seat in Connecticut. You may have heard of Linda McMahon. In case you haven’t, she is the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, better known as WWE and Vince McMahon’s wife. I had never heard of Linda McMahon until 8/9/10. But I feel like I know a little bit about her now.
I saw clips during McMahon’s interview with Bill Weir, she was kicking some wrestler in the crotch. In another clip she was slammed by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Yeah sure she resigned as CEO of WWE, seeking no outside endorsements outside of Connecticut, and is funding her Senate campaign with up to 50 million dollars of her own money. But does she belong in the Senate? I personally found Mrs. McMahon to look uncomfortable in clothing that relates to a professional look. She just looks out of place to me. The green button up shirt that was not quite a blazer and the khaki skirt, the outfit was sort of okay. But by no means was it okay for the interview on national television. Especially if you are running for the Senate. Not seeking people to endorse her other then the people of Connecticut is fine by me, but she should have at least sought out a person to help her with her wardrobe. I hope her policies are better then those from WWE. Wrestlers had no insurance, no pension plans, and McMahon did not implement any steroid testing of her wrestlers. I don’t know McMahon, but I don’t think the Senate will be right for her.
In spite of my feelings, some how she won. On 8/10/10 Linda McMahon became the primary republican candidate. Talk about wow! Yet another celebrity with the possibility of being a politician figure.
If you would like to check out the interview do it here: http://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/linda-mcmahon-bill-weir-nightline-interview/story?id=11357012
Also please let me know if you think celebrities should become political figures?

Are There Crack Heads Among Us?

30 Jul

Okay I have been thinking and wondering when did it become cool for people to use crack? Especially young people. I ask these questions because I thought I could tell if a person was on crack or not. I have some in my family, so I thought I knew. Boy was I wrong.

There was this boy who use to hang with my boyfriend. He was always over our house, he stayed at our house from time to time, ate dinner with us, anything that we needed and he could help out with it, he did. He was a really cool person. He was young, but cool. He wasn’t even 18 yet. Anyway we had a car in our yard that was my boyfriends cousins. The battery was dead. But some how his stero equiptment came up missing from his trunk. We didn’t know who did it, but we knew that it had to be someone who knew us. Whoever it was had to know enough about us to know that you had to jump the car in order to pop the trunk. As well as be comfortable enough to come in our yard and not be scared of our pit bulls. My boyfriend and his cousin asked the guy and he said “hell naw I wouldn’t steal from yall”. So whatever we had no proof and a lot of people don’t like my boyfriends cousin. And there were a lot of other people who could have stolen his stuff.

Move foward a few meeks to a month this particular person didn’t come around as much as he use to. He started to ask for money like clock work. Could he borrow money, did I have anything on my debit card, ect. The last time that he came he asked me for some money, I told him I didn’t have any. Then he asked me about my debit card that I had just got that very day. I told him I didn’t have anything on the card. The next morning I woke up my card is missing out of my wallet along with $2.00. I asked my boyfriend had this “person” been by and he said earlier that morning. This was not unusual because he was always over, any time day or night. My boyfriend and I find out the next week that he had been arrested for breaking and entering in another county and he had been smoking crack that whole week prior. Talk about a shocker, we had no clue. But heind seight is always 20/20. We thought about it and did notice that he was acting strange that whole week. He went from always being over to only comming over to ask for money. And to steal my debit card and $2.00. Even though he stole from us, I feel so bad for him, he is such a good person, and he is so young. How could someone that young be on crack? It boggles my mind. But this situation makes me wonder, are there other crack heads among us that I don’t know about?