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Yesterday I Played Super Woman That’s The Life Of A Mom

13 Aug

I think I am still tired from yesterday. Today is a new day, but yesterday I was “Super Women”. I had so much to get done. Even though I knew it was going to be a busy day I still had to get on the computer to check Facebook, Twitter, Mom 2 Mom, upload my blog posting, and upload a picture to my blog, all before I got my day started. Before I got on the computer I had to call to my school; the community college that I am attending. The fall semester starts in 2 weeks, so I was trying to order my books online, but the system was not having it. I still didn’t order my books. After that it was time to get my love dressed then me. Breakfast was a no go yesterday morning, it was a grab something and go kind of day.

We had 3 set appointments but numerous stops to make yesterday. The heat made every stop almost unbearable. It was in the car seat, out the car seat, repeat this like 15 times. Now I am sick of the car seat! One appointment was at the WIC office. She got to see the dental hygienist, who painted fluoride on her teeth. Then the nutritionist told me not to give A’Janaya any food other then at meal and snack times. Only water in between. This is to get your child on a schedule for school as well as let them know food is offered at certain time, no earlier or later. I thought this was kind of harsh, but okay I think. They are always telling me how small she is, and asking me dumb questions like: Do you feed her? She is a slender something. Yes I do you idiot, she is my child! Of course I feed her! As for her being slender, its called DNA, its in her genes. To bad she got those genes from AJ. I get really tired of hearing that question.

Any way Pizza Hut was next. My daughter went around to different tables to talk to people. She did this more then she ate her food. But at least she did eat something. Recycling, Wal-mart, The Shoe Department, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Prince Edward Elementary school were all our next stops. Yesterday was open house at school. We got to meet A’Janaya’s teacher! Even though none of her friends are in the same class, she will make new friends. I know she was looking forward to being in her friends class, but life will go on.

Next was my friends house, which my daughter has been talking about going over for a while. So yesterday she got to do it. I had to make 2 more stops, Kroger and Dollar General again. Once I went back to my friends house it was time to go home.

My friends daughter slept over last night, and cried for “mama” a good portion of the time. When she wasn’t crying her and my daughter were playing in their dinner. Mashed potatoes in Bri’s hair and all on her forehead. Yeah I had to fix dinner. I have a thing that is called a “hungry man” his name is AJ, he’s always hungry. He can cook but is always looking for me to cook, even when I am super tired. What can I say he’s a man and I can cook!

Once it was bedtime Bri whined for “mama” until she fell asleep. She did this literally, she fell out of the bed! After the kids were in the bed and Bri was off of the floor, it was time for mommy and daddy to have some time to ourselves. We decided to watch a movie, Knocked Up, that movie is really funny. We laughed a lot! While watching the movie AJ had to go to the bathroom. I heard him say, “Oh shit”! Bri was sitting in the living room on the sofa all by herself and she wasn’t crying. She scared him! No one was suppose to be in the living room, especially at 2 something in the morning. She was mad she wouldn’t talk to us. She didn’t say it but she wanted her mama. Once Bri got in the bed with us I fell asleep. I woke up this morning it was just me and Bri in the bed. AJ was in the living room on the sofa with our daughter, sleep. I didn’t know he left out the room. I guess I was too tired to notice. He had finished the movie without me. Jokes on him, because I had already watched it! I knew he would like it, plus it was funny so I didn’t mind watching it again.


What You Can Get 4 Cheap Today

7 Jun Eyes Lips Face

Eyes Lips Face

Make-up brushes and eyeliner from E.L.F.

I am an all out bargain shopper. All of my friends and family all want to go shopping with me, because they know that when I come home from shopping it is with a bag of stuff that cost me next to nothing.

I have already mastered shopping in stores, now it is time for me to conquor the world wide web. I have found a few items that are priced very cheaply. I have found 2 sites that offer products that I reccomend and use; well I am waiting for my waist cinecher from Orchard Corset. But as for E.L.F. (eyes lips face) I use there make-up; it is dirt cheap I’m talking as low as 1.00 an item, and the make-up is good.

I was introduced to E.L.F. a couple of years back. I was shopping at a Burlington Coat Factroy and I saw this smokey eye shadow kit that included an eye lash curler. I forgot how much I paid for it, but I am a bargain shopper so I know it wasn’t that much. I loved the smokey eye that I got from the kit. That was the last time I saw the make-up…. At least untill now. I sae mak-up brushesin Dollar General, I know the name brand E.L.F. so I purchased a few. I did my make-up and used my brushes as soon as I got home, and the 3 brushes that I have work absolutely wonderful. I reccommend them to everyone and anyone to use. Once you try E.L .F.you will be hooked. Trust me. The brushes work just as good as any other professional brushes. I have Revlon professional brushes, and I am here to tell you E.L.F. works just as good. If not better. On top of the brushes the make-up lasts all day. It is worth a try. You should definetly visit the site. Once you visit the site be sure to sign you e-mail address up to recieve exclusixe offers from E.L.F. That is also worth doing. Everyday I get an e-mail with a coupon code to use during the check out. The only down side to this is that you can only use one coupon per order. One of the current specials are but 1 item get 1 50% off. You have to spend at least 20.00 to use the coupon code. This offer expires today so… Visit the site http://www.eyeslipsface.com/ and buy E.L.F.

Besides make-up I have found a site that offers corsets, shapeware, lingure, and a host of other items. There is something on the site for everyone. The site is currently offering a long torso waist cincher for 6.99 on clearence, as well as a short torso waist cincher for 6.99 on clearence. Check out the link http://www.orchardcorset.com/Cortland-1001-Long-Torso-Waist-Cincher_p_14516.html to check out the long torso waist chicher and see what you find. As like all other sites if you sign you e-mail addres up you recieve exclusive offers and coupon codes to use when you checkout.

I hope that these cheap finds are usefull to you. I also want to know if you already use either of the products? If you do let me know are you a constant user, and what are your feelings about the product? You can also give me any other type of feed back. I hope you enjoy!!!