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Yesterday I Played Super Woman That’s The Life Of A Mom

13 Aug

I think I am still tired from yesterday. Today is a new day, but yesterday I was “Super Women”. I had so much to get done. Even though I knew it was going to be a busy day I still had to get on the computer to check Facebook, Twitter, Mom 2 Mom, upload my blog posting, and upload a picture to my blog, all before I got my day started. Before I got on the computer I had to call to my school; the community college that I am attending. The fall semester starts in 2 weeks, so I was trying to order my books online, but the system was not having it. I still didn’t order my books. After that it was time to get my love dressed then me. Breakfast was a no go yesterday morning, it was a grab something and go kind of day.

We had 3 set appointments but numerous stops to make yesterday. The heat made every stop almost unbearable. It was in the car seat, out the car seat, repeat this like 15 times. Now I am sick of the car seat! One appointment was at the WIC office. She got to see the dental hygienist, who painted fluoride on her teeth. Then the nutritionist told me not to give A’Janaya any food other then at meal and snack times. Only water in between. This is to get your child on a schedule for school as well as let them know food is offered at certain time, no earlier or later. I thought this was kind of harsh, but okay I think. They are always telling me how small she is, and asking me dumb questions like: Do you feed her? She is a slender something. Yes I do you idiot, she is my child! Of course I feed her! As for her being slender, its called DNA, its in her genes. To bad she got those genes from AJ. I get really tired of hearing that question.

Any way Pizza Hut was next. My daughter went around to different tables to talk to people. She did this more then she ate her food. But at least she did eat something. Recycling, Wal-mart, The Shoe Department, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Prince Edward Elementary school were all our next stops. Yesterday was open house at school. We got to meet A’Janaya’s teacher! Even though none of her friends are in the same class, she will make new friends. I know she was looking forward to being in her friends class, but life will go on.

Next was my friends house, which my daughter has been talking about going over for a while. So yesterday she got to do it. I had to make 2 more stops, Kroger and Dollar General again. Once I went back to my friends house it was time to go home.

My friends daughter slept over last night, and cried for “mama” a good portion of the time. When she wasn’t crying her and my daughter were playing in their dinner. Mashed potatoes in Bri’s hair and all on her forehead. Yeah I had to fix dinner. I have a thing that is called a “hungry man” his name is AJ, he’s always hungry. He can cook but is always looking for me to cook, even when I am super tired. What can I say he’s a man and I can cook!

Once it was bedtime Bri whined for “mama” until she fell asleep. She did this literally, she fell out of the bed! After the kids were in the bed and Bri was off of the floor, it was time for mommy and daddy to have some time to ourselves. We decided to watch a movie, Knocked Up, that movie is really funny. We laughed a lot! While watching the movie AJ had to go to the bathroom. I heard him say, “Oh shit”! Bri was sitting in the living room on the sofa all by herself and she wasn’t crying. She scared him! No one was suppose to be in the living room, especially at 2 something in the morning. She was mad she wouldn’t talk to us. She didn’t say it but she wanted her mama. Once Bri got in the bed with us I fell asleep. I woke up this morning it was just me and Bri in the bed. AJ was in the living room on the sofa with our daughter, sleep. I didn’t know he left out the room. I guess I was too tired to notice. He had finished the movie without me. Jokes on him, because I had already watched it! I knew he would like it, plus it was funny so I didn’t mind watching it again.


Technology and the Destruction of Family: You Be the Judge

21 Jul

I am 23 years old and technology is a very big part of my generation. The days of people writing letters are long gone. Now a days the only thing that is being sent to someone else through the mail is a mail from an inmate or a birthday card; but technology now has it so you can send an electronic birthday card. Cell phone or smart phone, everybody and their mama has one. Text messages have replaced the daily calls between families and friends. Computers and now the Ipad, chances are you own one or the other. E-mail has replaced some of the work that the mail man once did. Everyone is up on the digital communication. Everyone but me… Well somewhat. I love to talk on the telephone, I love to receive letters and birthday cards via mail. Those are the mementos that I put away in a show box in the top of my closet. When I go into a deep thought process reminiscing, I go to that box, read my letters and look at my birthday cards. I just love the good old days. You gotta love memories. I know I do! But I do love a computer, social networking, e-mail, and text messaging too.
Even though there are many benefits that are reaped from technology, where do you draw the line? Is it okay to just communicate with people digitally? Or are we as people losing our sense of personality with cell phone, e-mail, and everything else? Lol this and smh that. At first I was like what does smh mean? You can’t tell how someone is feeling with acronyms or “text talk” as I call it. I like text messaging just as much as the next person, but if I am going to have an in depth conversation with someone I want to do it over the phone and not through a key pad. I want to hear every sigh, every pause, and if you have to think about your response to me I want to hear the silence, just so I can know if you are lying or not. This really works when it comes to men, who text there lies frequently. The longer the response time, the longer the male has to think so you know their lying. You can tell right off hand while your are in an actual conversation on the telephone. Text messaging and e-mails make lies harder to detect, well at least for me it does.
Me personally, I like texting and all but I think it is a bit over rated. I would rather talk on the phone any day. The computer I really don’t know, because I am on here everyday several times a day. Even still technological advances have really replaced traditional ways of doing things. Family time is enjoyed less and when families do get together there are a lot of interruptions. Cell phone ringing or vibration, IM notifications, and everything in between. In a sense technology is a destructive force for today’s families. What do you think? Does modern technology make it harder for families to be a family and is the bond of a family slowly being destroyed by technology? I would love to know how you feel.

I Have A PC But I Should Have Brought A MAC

9 Jun

I am officially pissed off with Microsoft!!! Last night while attempting to do homework for my Human Service class, I came to an unexpected halt…. Microsoft Office pumped my breaks.

Anyway I have… had the Microsoft Office trial for 60 days supposedly. However not even 30 days into my computer usage Microsoft is locked. Well it actually states, “This modification is not allowed because this selection is locked”. I am like WTF!! I didn’t even start using Microsoft Office untill May 24th, 2010; when classes officially started. I just got my new Compaq Notebook, on May 21st, 2010, and it has Windows 7. I was happy at first, I still am with my computer at least, just not Microsoft.

No Longer A Microsoft Fan

The main Microsoft Office program that I used, is no longer accessible, because according to the Microsoft representative that I talked to today, my trial ran out. He stated that I had a 60 day trial, but the trial is only good for 25 times of usage, or for 60 days which ever comes first. However when I spoke with someone from Microsoft last night and I was told that Microsoft Office needed to be unlocked, I was given another number to help me fix my problem, but it was “after hours”. I am so frustrated, being transferred to this person and that person. Speaking to someone last night and getting a different response about why my Microsoft Office is locked, today. It is all a bunch of BS, in my book. No where in my computer manual did it state that I only get 25 uses out of a 60 day trial. I have a desktop computer which came with Microsoft, and that was a 30 day trial, and I got the full usage of the 30 day trial, not just 25 days or less. Using the entire duration of a trial is what is supposed to happen.

Example I have utilized trials offered through Bank of America, Norton, Net Zero, People PC, and a host of other companies and I have never had a problem. I have used pc fine tuning Norton software each day during my trial period and it never ended a day before the trial end date. That is what is supposed to happen, and it is also something called GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE Microsoft should try it some times.

When I talked to the representative today I was told I could download a new Microsoft Office trial or buy Microsoft Office. I have a dial-up internet connection so that makes it kind of impossible to do. I even tried to download Microsoft Office at the library and at school, but it takes just as long as a dial-up connection. I was told by that same representative that because of anti-virus software on the computers it will take a long time at the library or at school; so my only other option is to buy Microsoft Office. As far as me purchasing anything from Microsoft ever again that will be considered as a HELL NO. And I was going to purchase the full version of Microsoft Office, for my laptop, just after my trial ran out. I wouldn’t even recommend Microsoft to anyone…. Ever. Microsoft has lost a customer, as well as my friends, and family. I plan on telling everyone about my bad experience with Microsoft. Maybe the truthfulness form a customer will enlighten them into NOT purchasing software or anything else from Microsoft. I really don’t know if it is just a bad policy or bad customer service, either way I don’t want to find out, because I don’t want to have any dealings with Microsoft ever again.. I think my next computer will MAC, but I would love and I Pad; Apple is where it’s at. Now I really believe the commercials, because Microsoft is garbage. People take this from a customer and the commercials.