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Compromising With A 3 Year Old

7 Jun

Every Morning I Wake Up

Every morning that I awake, my daughter usually follows, awaking a little while after me. When this happens the war with a 3-year-old begins. I ask her,

What do you want for breakfast? She usually states no breakfast, juice.Sometimes she even wants a snack, but still no breakfast. After I give her a firm NO juice before breakfast, she usually will yell cartoons.

It is a never ending cycle. She demands items I am unwilling to give her. So most mornings are a struggle to say the least. When I do fix her something to eat, and she sits down; she tries to hide the plate. It is so funny because most of the time she hides the plate in plain sight. If that doesn’t work, she knows that one of our animals; dogs will be more than happy to make the food disappear literally.

If we are not fighting over what to eat we are fussing and fighting over what to put on or if she will get a bath and her hair washed. She is only 3 and, already she is quite the little slickster. Before hoping on my computer to blog,

I told her she was going to have to get her hair washed; since I was taking her braids a loose. She said no, Mama I don’t want my hair washed. I’m gonna cry.

So she already has it made up in her mind that since she doesn’t want her hair washed she is going to cry. Plans have already started to formulate in the mind of a 3-year-old. Each day I wake up or go to bed thinking about my little extortionist; who is my everything wondering what is she going to demand today? And how can I say no to outrageous demands without being viewed by my baby as the “Bad Lady”. Needles to say she is daddies little Princess. He lets her get her way all of the time, so the her I am the Bad Lady. Never the less each day is a new day with the same ole scenario of trying to compromise with a 3-year-old.