Bad, Bad Customer Service: VIBE Magazine

12 Aug

I use to love to read VIBE magazine, however that all changed due to BAD customer service. My boyfriend got locked up, due to driving without a license. While he was locked up I purchased him a VIBE magazine subscription. He got 2 magazines, then he came home. We had his mail forwarded from the jail back home, and I even called VIBE to change the address on the subscription. He received 2 magazines once he was home. The last issue that we received was the issue with Rhianna on the cover with the story “What’s Love Got To Do With It? Rhianna & Chris”. That was May, 2009. The present date is August 10th, 2010, and we have never received any more of the magazine subscription. Around June 2009, it may have been later then that, but I tried calling VIBE to see what the problem was. But the numbers were busy. I e-mailed VIBE, but I got no response.

I actually forgot about the 6 issues left on the subscription, until I saw VIBE on Twitter. I followed them, and to my surprise they followed me back. I sent a message there about the subscription, but I got no reply. I pulled out that last issue to see if the numbers work. IDK I thought it was worth a try. The numbers listed in the book for subscription requests does not work, I reached a number that was no longer in service or has been disconnected. I called the sales listings in the magazine, they don’t work either. One of the numbers, happened to be a number for another company. I did however have one valid number for the Midwest Advertising Sales, I left a message, and I waiting for a return call. I called this number Monday, today is Thursday and still no return call. I even called 411 to see if they had a number listed for VIBE they had none. They didn’t even have a listing for VIBE, VIBE Media Group, or VIBE Media Group LLC. Its like VIBE magazine no longer exists. Either way I would like my money, that I paid for the subscription. This is the worst customer service that I have ever seen. I don’t know if they stopped publishing or what. All I know is, my boyfriend was robbed of our remaining subscriptions. I would not recommend VIBE magazine to anyone, ever. And I use to recommend it because the subscription was real reasonable. But the customer service is GARBAGE. Maybe I will report them to the BBB. It has been a year and I haven’t heard anything from VIBE at all. What a shame. I will continue to let others know about my awful customer service experience that I experienced with VIBE magazine.


Should Celebrities Become Political Figures

11 Aug

Monday night I tuned into Night Line, as I do every week night. While watching Night Line, I tuned into an interview with Linda McMahon.

1st there was Arnold Schwarzenegger; the Terminator getting the job title of becoming the 38th Governor of California. Now there is a lady named Linda McMahon, she is running for the Senate seat in Connecticut. You may have heard of Linda McMahon. In case you haven’t, she is the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, better known as WWE and Vince McMahon’s wife. I had never heard of Linda McMahon until 8/9/10. But I feel like I know a little bit about her now.
I saw clips during McMahon’s interview with Bill Weir, she was kicking some wrestler in the crotch. In another clip she was slammed by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Yeah sure she resigned as CEO of WWE, seeking no outside endorsements outside of Connecticut, and is funding her Senate campaign with up to 50 million dollars of her own money. But does she belong in the Senate? I personally found Mrs. McMahon to look uncomfortable in clothing that relates to a professional look. She just looks out of place to me. The green button up shirt that was not quite a blazer and the khaki skirt, the outfit was sort of okay. But by no means was it okay for the interview on national television. Especially if you are running for the Senate. Not seeking people to endorse her other then the people of Connecticut is fine by me, but she should have at least sought out a person to help her with her wardrobe. I hope her policies are better then those from WWE. Wrestlers had no insurance, no pension plans, and McMahon did not implement any steroid testing of her wrestlers. I don’t know McMahon, but I don’t think the Senate will be right for her.
In spite of my feelings, some how she won. On 8/10/10 Linda McMahon became the primary republican candidate. Talk about wow! Yet another celebrity with the possibility of being a politician figure.
If you would like to check out the interview do it here:
Also please let me know if you think celebrities should become political figures?

He Whined All Night Because A’Janaya Was At A Sleep Over

10 Aug

Sunday night I went to Wal-Mart and then to a friends house to watch True Blood. Don’t you just love that show? I know I do. My daughter went with me to my friends house, not to Wal-Mart. She went to play with my friends daughter. Anyway once I finally came back home for the night, here comes my daughters father, “Where is my baby”? I didn’t know she was going to stay just like he didn’t know. So it was a surprise to the both of us. To be honest he didn’t want her to go to my friends house in the first place. He is an avid football fan so Sunday is his day, and for some reason he thinks our daughter is suppose to sit and watch football with him. After he inquired about where his daughter was, he wanted me to go get her. She was just down the road less then 5 minutes away. But he acted like a little girl because his little girl was sleeping over at a friends house.

The phone rang at around 2:38 am, he woke me up, “That’s A’Janaya, go get her”. At least he thought it was her. False alarm, it was someone with a touch phone that kept calling us by accident. They never said anything because they were calling by accident. Other then the touch screen phone calling 3 times, AJ my boyfriend/daughters father annoyed me the whole night! This morning when I finally picked our daughter up she cried when we got back home, because she was back home without her friend. She just sat in the hallway crying. However she didn’t cry at all at my friends house. She really enjoyed herself. I can’t say the same for her father. I just knew he was going to cry because A’Janaya was gone. It ended up being A’Janaya’s very first sleep over. I’m so proud of her. Her father on the other hand…. It was…. I really don’t know. I can only imagine how he is going to act next week when she starts school for the first time. I guess we shall see. And I will be sure to blog about it.

Sunday Paper Without Coupons

9 Aug

Once upon a time I use to purchase the Sunday paper on a regular basis. This was all in part just to get the coupons. For some reason I stopped getting the paper. To the best of my memory it was because the paper that I use to purchase was either (A) out because I got there too late to purchase it, (B) an old paper; I’m talking 2-3 weeks old, or (C) I just didn’t go to the store.

So it has been at least 5 months since I last purchased a Sunday paper. This time when I do, of course there are no Sunday coupons. When I was at the newspaper machine (whatever you call it) there were no more Richmond Times Dispatch nor any other newspaper that I use to buy. So I had to settle for the Roanoke Times. DOWNER!!!! When I mentioned an old paper, I am talking about the Roanoke Times. That is the worst news paper to get. I could smack myself for wasting my $1.50 on this news paper. I thought at least there would be coupons in the paper, I just knew this because I could see what looked like coupons hanging out the side of the paper. I already knew it was a current paper because I checked the date on front. So if the other papers were out of date or if there were no more, I could grab the one on display. Which is what I had to do anyway because that was the last newspaper. Needless to say when I got in the car I noticed that there were NO COUPONS!!! I give up I have the worst luck when it comes to purchasing newspapers. Who knew it required luck to purchase a darn newspaper?

Once upon a time even before I was buying the Sunday paper on the regular, I subscribed to another newspaper, The Daily Progress. I got a great deal in front of the store, Kroger. The sales man assured me that the paper could be delivered to my new residence. However he was wrong. I waited so long for my subscription that I forget it even existed. Once I remembered I called for a refund, which I got about a month later. I am going to try my luck next Sunday, so people please wish me luck on getting the newspaper that I want, with coupons in it!!

I Social Network, I Facebook, I Tweet, and I Wish You Join Me

5 Aug

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is good. I haven’t been on in a while. I know, I know. I have been finishing up with the last few weeks of school and it paid off. I made the presidents list yet again. So that means I am still an honor student. I am so PROUD of myself. Since school is over I can now get back to blogging, promoting my website, and Tweeting on Twitter. I have 79 followers on Twitter. Feel free to follow me I am MomPorschea87. I tweet about a wide variety of topics and I also let my followers know of whatever deals are going on. This really helps, because I am a bargain shopper to the extreme!
I have a website it is a social networking site for moms. Once I get more users I will add a video chat feature. So people, people please join. I might be bias but I feel it is a great site. Even though I only have 15 users, myself included. But hey I love my site. I also have a FaceBook page for the site!/apps/application.php?id=137376279619345 it also links to my site Mom 2 Mom. I added a question for discussion for the first time today. I will be adding a question daily now. Feel free to comment and give your opinion, feed back, or whatever. It is really appreciated! I don’t have many people on any of my projects, but I am trying. While trying, I hope you will join me in my endeavors.

I Hate Rude People!

2 Aug

People are so rude and, I really hate it. I know I can be a bitch at times, but I do have manners. People should know that please, excuse me, and thank you are all kind words. I have held conversations with people about other people and manners just to see the mind-set of others. I spoke with one lady about holding the door for others and she told me, “No one does that any more!” A friend was with me and we both said, “We do!” It is just common curtsey to hold the door open for someone, when someone is coming behind you, or just in general. It doesn’t hurt to help someone who is in need. What is the problem with saying thank you? If someone does a kind gesture for you, you are suppose to say thank you. Hello! This is just common sense. When you are walking pass someone is a tight space, excuse me is the proper thing to say. But I have found that most people have no manners at all. I just don’t know what the world is coming to. Some people act as if they were raised by “wolves”. I was raised by my grandmother and if she taught me anything it was manners. That is something that I do have, how about you?

Are There Crack Heads Among Us?

30 Jul

Okay I have been thinking and wondering when did it become cool for people to use crack? Especially young people. I ask these questions because I thought I could tell if a person was on crack or not. I have some in my family, so I thought I knew. Boy was I wrong.

There was this boy who use to hang with my boyfriend. He was always over our house, he stayed at our house from time to time, ate dinner with us, anything that we needed and he could help out with it, he did. He was a really cool person. He was young, but cool. He wasn’t even 18 yet. Anyway we had a car in our yard that was my boyfriends cousins. The battery was dead. But some how his stero equiptment came up missing from his trunk. We didn’t know who did it, but we knew that it had to be someone who knew us. Whoever it was had to know enough about us to know that you had to jump the car in order to pop the trunk. As well as be comfortable enough to come in our yard and not be scared of our pit bulls. My boyfriend and his cousin asked the guy and he said “hell naw I wouldn’t steal from yall”. So whatever we had no proof and a lot of people don’t like my boyfriends cousin. And there were a lot of other people who could have stolen his stuff.

Move foward a few meeks to a month this particular person didn’t come around as much as he use to. He started to ask for money like clock work. Could he borrow money, did I have anything on my debit card, ect. The last time that he came he asked me for some money, I told him I didn’t have any. Then he asked me about my debit card that I had just got that very day. I told him I didn’t have anything on the card. The next morning I woke up my card is missing out of my wallet along with $2.00. I asked my boyfriend had this “person” been by and he said earlier that morning. This was not unusual because he was always over, any time day or night. My boyfriend and I find out the next week that he had been arrested for breaking and entering in another county and he had been smoking crack that whole week prior. Talk about a shocker, we had no clue. But heind seight is always 20/20. We thought about it and did notice that he was acting strange that whole week. He went from always being over to only comming over to ask for money. And to steal my debit card and $2.00. Even though he stole from us, I feel so bad for him, he is such a good person, and he is so young. How could someone that young be on crack? It boggles my mind. But this situation makes me wonder, are there other crack heads among us that I don’t know about?

To Know Me Is To Blog Me

29 Jul

To know me is to blog me, you should also follow me. Yes I’m on Twitter @MomPorschea87 and I also have a social networking site for moms. YAY!! Even though I only have 13 users, myself included, but I am going to keep at it. Just in case if you are interested in joining the site is Sometimes I feel like giving up on the site at times because I have hardly any users. But its something that I started and I am going to stick with it. I find it so funny because if I had a dis yo baby mama site I would have lots of users. But whatever. It is a great place for stay at home moms. I say this because my site is mobile, but it does not work on all mobile devices. It can be accessed from cell phone that have full web browsing access, so that’s a good thing. One of these days I will be an internet sensation. I have started recording something like a video blog, which I will be uploading to You Tube. But for some reason it won’t let me upload my video. Once I iron out the kinks you (the reader) will be able to view The Life Of A Black Mom. I think its about time that black mothers are depicted, even if its just for the viewing pleasures on You Tube. Boy I can only imagine what I will be able to capture. I have a kid, obviously and they do say and do the funniest things. Plus with my boyfriend; child’s father and myself in the mix, it should be good. Nothing scripted or written, just real life. Something that “reality” shows are missing. So it will never be a dull moment. I hope that you will watch me. So in the mean time I will keep on being a mother and student who blogs, tweets, records, surfs the net, and all other things in between. After August 2nd when the summer semester ends I will have lots of free time to work on all of the things and sites that I am apart of. I hope that you will love it all. Or at least like it. Untill next time….. Blog me or Tweet me on Twitter @MomPorschea87

28 Jul

A Naked Man Gets Attacked Outside Of A Club

On the news tonight a naked man gets attacked outside of a club in Richmond, Va. A witness got the whole fight on tape of three men attacking the naked man. The police arrived and took witness statements and the witness who captured the fight asked the police if they needed to see the footage? The police did not view the footage and no arrests were made, nor were any charges filed. Only after the story aired on the 11 o’clock news did the police view the footage. The police did however file an incident report. Do you think this is fair? I’m gonna say no. In present times when there is a fight or some other type of domestic dispute the people involved do not have to press charges, the police pick up the charges if the person who was assaulted does not.

27 Jul

My daughter will be starting preschool August 16th!!!Its kind of early, but we are all excited that she will be going. Some days she is excited and others she says “I don’t want to go to school!” Any who, I found some articles that can help with the flip flop feeling of your preschooler. I will be talking about this throughout the week. Let me know how your child is handeling going to school, weather it is for the first time or not. I would love to hear about it.
Here is an article that I found about school anxiety. I hope you will enjoy it!