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Don’t Wake Me…I’m Dreaming

18 Aug

Hi guys! I want to tell you about my day, with this random blog posting. My day started around 6am Friday. I had to be at “The Hotel” at 7. I was suppose to work 7-3 which seemed horrible because I’m a night owl. I can stay up all night and sleep all day. But hey when duty calls, duty calls. When 3pm rolled around I was so ready to run out of work! But one of my coworkers called and was having car trouble. I was tired but I needed the hours so tired or not I was gonna work! I stayed until almost 8pm. Once I left work I was so ready to go to bed. I ate and went to sleep. My plan was to sleep the whole night and wake up Saturday morning. However that didn’t happen.

My mother decides to call me around 2:30 in the morning. For what you might ask? Nothing important at all! She wanted to know what size clothes my daughter wears. How nice mommy but at 2 something in the morning? So I give her the sizes and we start to talk about my daughter A’Janaya. To bad the conversation didn’t make it any where. My mothers phone went out. I called her back no answer. I call her back again still no answer. Now I’m like dammit Ma you call me, wake me up, your phone goes out, and you don’t answer when I call you back. Great!

Now it is 4:03am and I’m still up. Usually when I’m up, there is always one person who is up around this time of day…my dad. I call him and amazingly enough his phone didn’t go to voice mail. We talk, laugh, and joke. My father is…not so funny. I laugh more at him then his jokes! If only people could hear the things that he says. I’m sure you would laugh too. To make my early morning even better I got to talk to my youngest sister! I haven’t scene or talked to her in years, so that was a pleasent suprise! I got her number so I definetly plan on keeping in touch with her.

So no I’m sitting in my living room eating watermelon and pineapples debating weather or not I should put a movie on. Oh the decisions! If I was asleep I wouldn’t have to make any. All I can think about is the song from the 90’s Don’t Wake Me I’m Dreaming! Oh how I wish I was sleep and dreaming! Thanks Ma! Oh but I’m gonna get her back!


Bad, Bad Customer Service: VIBE Magazine

12 Aug

I use to love to read VIBE magazine, however that all changed due to BAD customer service. My boyfriend got locked up, due to driving without a license. While he was locked up I purchased him a VIBE magazine subscription. He got 2 magazines, then he came home. We had his mail forwarded from the jail back home, and I even called VIBE to change the address on the subscription. He received 2 magazines once he was home. The last issue that we received was the issue with Rhianna on the cover with the story “What’s Love Got To Do With It? Rhianna & Chris”. That was May, 2009. The present date is August 10th, 2010, and we have never received any more of the magazine subscription. Around June 2009, it may have been later then that, but I tried calling VIBE to see what the problem was. But the numbers were busy. I e-mailed VIBE, but I got no response.

I actually forgot about the 6 issues left on the subscription, until I saw VIBE on Twitter. I followed them, and to my surprise they followed me back. I sent a message there about the subscription, but I got no reply. I pulled out that last issue to see if the numbers work. IDK I thought it was worth a try. The numbers listed in the book for subscription requests does not work, I reached a number that was no longer in service or has been disconnected. I called the sales listings in the magazine, they don’t work either. One of the numbers, happened to be a number for another company. I did however have one valid number for the Midwest Advertising Sales, I left a message, and I waiting for a return call. I called this number Monday, today is Thursday and still no return call. I even called 411 to see if they had a number listed for VIBE they had none. They didn’t even have a listing for VIBE, VIBE Media Group, or VIBE Media Group LLC. Its like VIBE magazine no longer exists. Either way I would like my money, that I paid for the subscription. This is the worst customer service that I have ever seen. I don’t know if they stopped publishing or what. All I know is, my boyfriend was robbed of our remaining subscriptions. I would not recommend VIBE magazine to anyone, ever. And I use to recommend it because the subscription was real reasonable. But the customer service is GARBAGE. Maybe I will report them to the BBB. It has been a year and I haven’t heard anything from VIBE at all. What a shame. I will continue to let others know about my awful customer service experience that I experienced with VIBE magazine.

I Hate Rude People!

2 Aug

People are so rude and, I really hate it. I know I can be a bitch at times, but I do have manners. People should know that please, excuse me, and thank you are all kind words. I have held conversations with people about other people and manners just to see the mind-set of others. I spoke with one lady about holding the door for others and she told me, “No one does that any more!” A friend was with me and we both said, “We do!” It is just common curtsey to hold the door open for someone, when someone is coming behind you, or just in general. It doesn’t hurt to help someone who is in need. What is the problem with saying thank you? If someone does a kind gesture for you, you are suppose to say thank you. Hello! This is just common sense. When you are walking pass someone is a tight space, excuse me is the proper thing to say. But I have found that most people have no manners at all. I just don’t know what the world is coming to. Some people act as if they were raised by “wolves”. I was raised by my grandmother and if she taught me anything it was manners. That is something that I do have, how about you?

I Have A PC But I Should Have Brought A MAC

9 Jun

I am officially pissed off with Microsoft!!! Last night while attempting to do homework for my Human Service class, I came to an unexpected halt…. Microsoft Office pumped my breaks.

Anyway I have… had the Microsoft Office trial for 60 days supposedly. However not even 30 days into my computer usage Microsoft is locked. Well it actually states, “This modification is not allowed because this selection is locked”. I am like WTF!! I didn’t even start using Microsoft Office untill May 24th, 2010; when classes officially started. I just got my new Compaq Notebook, on May 21st, 2010, and it has Windows 7. I was happy at first, I still am with my computer at least, just not Microsoft.

No Longer A Microsoft Fan

The main Microsoft Office program that I used, is no longer accessible, because according to the Microsoft representative that I talked to today, my trial ran out. He stated that I had a 60 day trial, but the trial is only good for 25 times of usage, or for 60 days which ever comes first. However when I spoke with someone from Microsoft last night and I was told that Microsoft Office needed to be unlocked, I was given another number to help me fix my problem, but it was “after hours”. I am so frustrated, being transferred to this person and that person. Speaking to someone last night and getting a different response about why my Microsoft Office is locked, today. It is all a bunch of BS, in my book. No where in my computer manual did it state that I only get 25 uses out of a 60 day trial. I have a desktop computer which came with Microsoft, and that was a 30 day trial, and I got the full usage of the 30 day trial, not just 25 days or less. Using the entire duration of a trial is what is supposed to happen.

Example I have utilized trials offered through Bank of America, Norton, Net Zero, People PC, and a host of other companies and I have never had a problem. I have used pc fine tuning Norton software each day during my trial period and it never ended a day before the trial end date. That is what is supposed to happen, and it is also something called GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE Microsoft should try it some times.

When I talked to the representative today I was told I could download a new Microsoft Office trial or buy Microsoft Office. I have a dial-up internet connection so that makes it kind of impossible to do. I even tried to download Microsoft Office at the library and at school, but it takes just as long as a dial-up connection. I was told by that same representative that because of anti-virus software on the computers it will take a long time at the library or at school; so my only other option is to buy Microsoft Office. As far as me purchasing anything from Microsoft ever again that will be considered as a HELL NO. And I was going to purchase the full version of Microsoft Office, for my laptop, just after my trial ran out. I wouldn’t even recommend Microsoft to anyone…. Ever. Microsoft has lost a customer, as well as my friends, and family. I plan on telling everyone about my bad experience with Microsoft. Maybe the truthfulness form a customer will enlighten them into NOT purchasing software or anything else from Microsoft. I really don’t know if it is just a bad policy or bad customer service, either way I don’t want to find out, because I don’t want to have any dealings with Microsoft ever again.. I think my next computer will MAC, but I would love and I Pad; Apple is where it’s at. Now I really believe the commercials, because Microsoft is garbage. People take this from a customer and the commercials.

If I Fall Into The Toilet One More Time

8 Jun

Why Can’t “Men” Let Down The Toilet Seat

If I go to the bathroom, and fall in the toilet one more time, I just might lose it. Why can’t men understand that women pee sitting down, and not standing up. It is just common curtsey to let down the seat, when you are finished. And on top of that it only takes a second to let the damn seat down. If a man could hold his “equipment and aim precisely they would be able to master using the bathroom with the seat down, without splashing urine all over the place. So please take into consideration that you are not the only person using the bathroom. And if a female is coming behind you to use the bathroom, they might not want to bathe their butt via the toilet bowl. Thats all…. Thank you.