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Cooperate World or Discrimination?

9 Aug

Since I wanted to start blogging again, I have sort of planned out what I wanted to blog about. However when I got to work today, my unpublished blog for today would have to wait until tomorrow. Another blog was already in the making.

I have been working at a hotel for about a month now, and I work at the front desk. When I got the job I already knew that I would have to keep my hair done. I knew that I couldn’t just walk out of the house looking like a rag-a-muffin! To make it even more difficult in terms of my hair, I have gone natural. Well at least for a little while. I haven’t put a chemical relaxer in my hair in about 7 months, if not longer. When I first started working at “the hotel” I wore weaves, because it is convenient, I wanted to look nice, and I knew the hotel in which I work was not going to allow me to be “natural”. I talk to a lot of guest who have natural hair styles, and most if not all tell me, “You should just wear your natural hair, in an afro”. Not something that I am interested in doing at all! And not something that “the hotel” would accept. I went natural because I want healthy hair, not because I am into natural styles. I want my hair to be straight but healthy. Not healthy and nappy. What makes it worse is I have my cosmetology license, but I am so use to having a relaxer that I don’t know how to manage natural hair styles. At this point I need my creamy crack! Chemical hair relaxers are my drug of choice! After about 3 weeks of weaves, I decided to let my hair breath for a week or so. I did my hair in some small flat twist going to the side with tiny rods. I thought it looked dry but it was cute. No problem there. I heard no complaints at work, in fact I got lots of compliments! Once my curls started to fall I braided my hair and took it a loose. My hair was wavy as well as curly. It was very cute! I got compliments on this style too. Too bad “the hotel” well at least my supervisor didn’t think so.

When I got to work this morning, my immediate supervisor said, “Oh Porschea what’s going on with your hair”? In response I said, “Nothing. What’s wrong with it? I like it”. Everything else goes downhill from there. I asked how am I suppose to wear my hair then. My supervisor told me, “Down and straight or pulled back”. How discriminatory! I was burning mad which is an understatement! We went back and forth about the situation and I was told that working in a cooperate environment you have to conform. How fucked up is that! First off I don’t think that I work in a cooperate environment. I work in hospitality for the moment, at a three and a half star hotel. I am a front desk agent, not a CEO of a company or the CEO of “the hotel”. I have a huge mouth so I keep saying things back. Like, “This is messed up…I don’t put chemicals in my hair, so its not going to be straight…what do you want me too look like a white women…I should have known…this is discriminatory. And to top it all off my supervisor is black! He did tell me that he would rather tell me then someone else say something to me about my hair. He also referred me to the handbook. As a black women I took offense to the entire conversation. My supervisor attempted to show that he cared about the situation but I felt it was phony. The damage had already been done.

I had already read the handbook prior, but I didn’t recall anything in the handbook about hair being straight, down, and pulled back. I did remember that females could not wear bright colored nail polish, nail designs; nothing other then neutral toned nail polish colors. But amazing enough I had on bright nail polish! I was wearing Jade Jump by Sally Hansen. To be exact I painted my nails in the staff bathroom that morning before my shift, because I got to work early. But nothing was said about my nails, only my hair and I couldn’t wear the style that I had up in “the hotel“.

While at work I got a copy of the handbook and nowhere does it say that the hair is suppose to be straight, down, or pinned back. I did however read, “Please understand that you are expected to dress and groom yourself in accordance with accepted social and business standards“. However no one has explained to me what “social and business standards” are. But since I have read the handbook again I am definitely gonna ask. If my supervisor was still at work I would have asked today. The handbook then states, “Hair must present a natural color and professional style”. However it was never explained as to what a “professional style” is. I will be asking about this as well. While typing this blog, I texted my supervisor to let him know that I read the handbook and the straight hair, down, and pinned back statement was not in there. I then asked him so who really told you to tell me that? I still haven’t heard a response, and I am off tomorrow. I doubt if I will hear back from him. I will have to talk to him in person. I guess the follow up to this confrontation will be blogged about another day. Until then give me your thoughts. Do you think that my supervisor was right with the statements that he made about me having to wear my hair straight, down and pinned up? Were they discriminatory? Or should I have known better then to wear waves and curls to “the hotel”? Give me your feedback because I would love to hear from you. I need some serious insight on this issue!


Back Blogging

7 Aug

It has been a really long time since I have blogged…but I’m back! And boy do I have a lot to talk about. I live in a new city, new job, basically Porschea 2.0! I am no longer doing Mom2Mom. But who knows maybe in the future I may revitalize Mom2Mom as well. I just want to get back to writing, which is something that I love to do.I have many stories to tell and I hope you will listen. Look foward to my posting! Stay tuned….

My Q & A With Louise Edington

28 Aug

I got to play question and answer with Louise Edington, whom I came across by total accident. She was a person who liked one of my Facebook fan pages. After I saw her name I decided to check her out. I then saw that she was a mom, blogger, tweeter, and took part in many other things. I skimmed over her blog and found a posting that I related to. So I checked out her blog a little more, eventually becoming a subscriber. I contacted Louise via e-mail and asked her could I ask her some questions, because she was a mom and blogger…. She said yes! The following is my Q & A with Louise Edington. I hope you will enjoy it!


First off let other me ask, what are all of the projects that you are currently working on or the projects that you will be doing in the future?


I am currently learning how to use social media to grow my business. I’m a Childcare Coordinator for a live in cultural exchange AuPair program and I’m looking for families for whom hosting an AuPair is a great option. I have just completed The Social Networking Coaching Club with Ann Evanston through which I have learnt how to market online without being ‘salesy’. I actually did a blog post about the course and also about my role as a Childcare Coordinator for those that would be interested to learn more.


What made you start blogging?


I had always liked the idea of doing a blog but never got round to it. I actually started blogging as a part of Ann Evanston’s boot camp and I wonder why on earth I didn’t start years ago!


What is your blogging style?


My style? Hmmm – I’m just me really. I try to convey who I am through blogging. I’m British so I try and put across some of my Britishness and I try to inject a little humor into my posts.


Since you do have a blog, let others know, what makes your blog so special? In other words, why should someone subscribe to your blog or at least read it?


I feel my blog is special because I am a very energetic person who lives a very full life so I have a lot to talk about. I’m an older mum who works at home and tries to juggle all that, that entails. I have also moved a LOT in my life. I lived in Canada and the US as an AuPair/Nanny when I was younger and I’ve lived back in the UK, Australia and here in the US again with my husband and children. I call my blog Lou Loves Learning because I see myself as a lifelong learner. I have a thirst for learning new things and I am enjoying sharing my experiences and that thirst for knowledge with others.


I checked out your blog, I also subscribe to your blog and I was looking at your blog posting “Working Stay At Home Mum- My Day”, your day was pretty busy. Is that typical for you? I know as a mom myself who is trying to get into blogging it can be hard. It can actually be very hard from my perspective, just by trying to balance everything.
How do you do it?


Yes, that’s a very typical day for me. I’m still learning how to balance and sometimes I do it better than others. I’m finding focus helps. I am focusing on my goals, creating a vision board and statement so that I know what I’m aiming for. Of course those goals are moveable but it really helps to have that focus. I also find that to do lists are a BIG help – again, they help keep focus.


For all of the people who think that bloggers just sit at home all day behind their computers, have it easy, and don’t really have a job, what would you like to say to these people? I ask this question, because once upon a time I was one of those people. I thought the job was very easy, at least until I started to partake in blogging.


Well I’m not just a blogger, it’s a part of what I do. However, I do see it as a major part of my job as it means that I get to meet people and those people get to know me. Hopefully those that get to know me through blogging will not only enjoy my blog but also think of me if they ever need live in childcare or if they hear of someone else who needs live in childcare. Blogging also keeps me busy – to do a blog well there are certain things I have to remember to do and also I have to blog frequently and that means thinking about it almost constantly to get ideas for blog posts.

Well that just about sums up my Q & A with Louise Edington. I really appreciate you taking the time out to answer my questions. Thanks a million! In the mean time everyone else can check out Louise’s blog

The Last Of What I Had

14 Jun

My great-grandma passed around 10 o’clock, June 10th, and she was the last Grandma I had.

I got the call last Tuesday that my great-grandma whom we call Grandma only had a few days left at most, if she made even made it through the day. I tried to get to the nursing home that day to see her, but eventually I made it the next day.

The trip of going to basically watch a loved one die, is a trip that I am all too familiar with. Grandma was my last grandma. I grew up with her and her daughter; my grandmother Nanny, they raised my sister and me.

August 3rd 2007 Nanny died. She spent a couple of weeks in the hospital, before she died. I remember going to the hospital everyday, with the rest of the family to see her. I remember going to see her in the hospital before I went to work, that Saturday.. After I got to work, my sister called me stating Nanny had died. This was a real shock, even though she was in the hospital she had gotten better and work up, the day before she died.

Move forward not even a year, my other Grandmother on my father’s side was in the hospital. She was dying also. She had cancer and it was terminal. My aunt called me and told me if I could get up to D.C., I should come because Grandma wasn’t doing so well. My best friend and I drove up that weekend, of June 13th and came back to Virginia. That next week on the 17th my aunt called me once again, Grandma had died. I traveled back to D.C. that weekend for the funeral.

Now in present day my last grandma has passed on to the unknown. I think back to the time when my other grandmothers passed, and it feels like the same situation all over again. I have been to each of my 3 grandmothers bedside crying and asking god to let them be okay. Talk about deja’ vu. I grew up knowing all 3 of my grandmothers. I was raised by 2 in the same household. Now I have to go and say my goodbyes, because I have none left. What will I do without my grandmothers? When God has taken the last of what I have.

Day Time Soaps

9 Jun

The Young and the Restless

Why is Tatiana Ali on The Young and the Restless looking a hot mess? I know she hasn’t been an A lister in a while but damn, that ponytail on her head has seen better days. Not just because it is a ponytail, but it didn’t look natural, her real wasn’t smoothed down, it was just awful. On top of it they are so 90’s. I don’t recommend that anyone wears something like that in the 2000’s.

On another note…. Why does all of the “sex” scenes airing on any soap opera, never involve a condom. Okay they don’t show anything but covers and shoulders but no condom. The only exception to this is usually when there is a young couple, about to do the do. So I wonder does daytime soap operas promote unprotected sex? If not, I’m not convinced.

On another note why can’t Billy and Victoria be together?? They make a good couple, at least a I think so. Billy has been sticking by her for a while now. I am hoping that they get married for a second time, and that it would be legal. On top of that I hope she gets custody of Reed back, and stick it to JT, because his character is an ass.

Now lets start on the situation of Adam faking his own death. I could go on with this forever. Why did he decide to set up his brother Nick? Now he’s laid up in Brazil in the bed with some girl, while his father is knocked out in Canada. And what is up with that distract attorney, what does he have against the Newman’s?? He is really out the get them for some reason. There is now proof that Nick did not kill Adam, and Adam is not dead. Even still the D A still is bringing Nick up on charges of the Hightower guys murder. I may be wrong, but I think he is in cahoots with Adam. I wonder what excitement Friday has to bring. I guess I will have to stay tuned and see.

Everything Is On Recall…. Even This Blog??

5 Jun

Every time I turn on the television on long into my e-mail, I hear about yet another product that has been recalled. I mean everything from food, cars, cribs, toys, and the newest product to be put on the recall list is 12 million Continue reading

New to Blogging

5 Jun

Hello this is my first ever blog… Bare with me. I am/ was a Facebooker at one point and time, and still visit the site on a regular basis, but not as much as I use too. I first joined when I was fresh out of high school,and in my first year at PVCC a community college; back then Facebook was exclusively for college students. Now however everyone and there mama is on FB. You have kids running rampid with drama, so much drama. There are so many Facebook gangstas on now. Not only that you also have hackers, who hack you account. Now you may or may not be the one who changed your status, you may or may not have sent someone a message,or you may or may not have sent someone you do not associate a friend request. With all of this said I am looking for a different avenue to express mysself without getting my account and computer hacked. Even still I can’t help but to check my Facebook every other day. At one time it was everyday a couple of times a day. Afterall it is a great way to keep in touch with former classmates, long lost friends, family, and all of other people in between. My sister’s sister found me on FB trying to get in contact with my mother after searching for her 12 years. Reasons like that is why I keep my account active. So I will continue to update my status every now and then and blog. Untill next time…..
Porschea the Facebooker and new blogger

Hello world!

5 Jun

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!