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Don’t Wake Me…I’m Dreaming

18 Aug

Hi guys! I want to tell you about my day, with this random blog posting. My day started around 6am Friday. I had to be at “The Hotel” at 7. I was suppose to work 7-3 which seemed horrible because I’m a night owl. I can stay up all night and sleep all day. But hey when duty calls, duty calls. When 3pm rolled around I was so ready to run out of work! But one of my coworkers called and was having car trouble. I was tired but I needed the hours so tired or not I was gonna work! I stayed until almost 8pm. Once I left work I was so ready to go to bed. I ate and went to sleep. My plan was to sleep the whole night and wake up Saturday morning. However that didn’t happen.

My mother decides to call me around 2:30 in the morning. For what you might ask? Nothing important at all! She wanted to know what size clothes my daughter wears. How nice mommy but at 2 something in the morning? So I give her the sizes and we start to talk about my daughter A’Janaya. To bad the conversation didn’t make it any where. My mothers phone went out. I called her back no answer. I call her back again still no answer. Now I’m like dammit Ma you call me, wake me up, your phone goes out, and you don’t answer when I call you back. Great!

Now it is 4:03am and I’m still up. Usually when I’m up, there is always one person who is up around this time of day…my dad. I call him and amazingly enough his phone didn’t go to voice mail. We talk, laugh, and joke. My father is…not so funny. I laugh more at him then his jokes! If only people could hear the things that he says. I’m sure you would laugh too. To make my early morning even better I got to talk to my youngest sister! I haven’t scene or talked to her in years, so that was a pleasent suprise! I got her number so I definetly plan on keeping in touch with her.

So no I’m sitting in my living room eating watermelon and pineapples debating weather or not I should put a movie on. Oh the decisions! If I was asleep I wouldn’t have to make any. All I can think about is the song from the 90’s Don’t Wake Me I’m Dreaming! Oh how I wish I was sleep and dreaming! Thanks Ma! Oh but I’m gonna get her back!


A’Janaya Seems To Love School!

17 Aug

A’Janaya enjoyed her first day of school! When she got back home she was kind of tired. AJ went to the bus to pick her up, I was in the kitchen working on dinner. Her father carried her in the house, she seemed tired. She told us about her day. She rides the bus with one of her friends, who often comes over to play with her. So she was happy about that. She was also really excited about a person named Camara. It was Camara the kid, she talked about all evening. I thought Camara was a girl. Later that evening while talking to her grandma on the phone, I found out that Camara was a boy. After talking to Grandma Camara was no longer Camara the kid, but Camara the boy! She also got to play on the play ground with her friend whom she always plays with, another friend that comes over. This is the friend who A’Janaya had a sleep over with about a week ago, and AJ just about cried. I have a blog post about that too. If you haven’t read it check it out!

A’Janaya was so excited about school that she didn’t want to eat her dinner. She said, “I got to do my homework” even though she didn’t have any homework. She just practiced her letters and writing her name, which she did really good at today. She normally does a good job, but she did an extra good job today!

She got her bath tonight, brushed her teeth, got Good Night Moon read to her, said her prayers, and went to sleep. I still can’t believe that my baby is in school.

Today is Tuesday and the second day of school for A‘Janaya. And she almost didn‘t make it to her second day of school. Well at least to the bus. We over slept. Even thought I set the alarm last night. However AJ brought it to my attention that I set the alarm but I didn‘t turn it on. Opps, stupid me! I am thankful that the bus goes up the road and has to come back down the road. Therefore A’Janaya did not miss the bus this morning. That would have been awful, on the second day of school. I forgot to take pictures, well I thought I didn’t have time. Theres always this evening when she gets home! I got my batteries charged to take plenty of pictures of my baby. When we went outside to wait on the bus A’Janaya said, “when is this bus coming“? She is so excited about school!

It seems like only yesterday that I had her, and was bringing her home. Time sure does fly. So I want to savor every moment of parenting. One day I will wake up and my little girl will no longer be a little girl. Until then…. I’m gonna keep blogging about my baby being in school, as well as other things. TTYL!

A’Janaya Started School And We Didn’t Cry

16 Aug

I am still tired out of my wits. I could not go to sleep last night. I was up watching movies. The Last House On The Left was good, but disturbing, I washed dishes, cleaned the stove top, and swept the kitchen. After that I attempted to watch yet another movie. I guess I was so excited about A’Janaya starting school today. It was almost like I was going to school.

I fell asleep around 3:44 that was the last time I remember seeing on the clock. When the alarm went off at 6, I could barely open my eyes. I said, “A’Janaya get up, its time to get ready for school”. She got up after I said this a few times. But once she got up it was still dark outside and she said, “Mama it’s not good morning, it’s not time for school yet”. I thought that was so funny.

I fixed her a bowl of cereal, so she wouldn’t be hungry when she got to school. Now I’m wondering how she did on the bus ride? I hope she didn’t use the bathroom on herself, I asked her before the bus came and she said, “no I don’t have to go”. She is potty trained but every time you go somewhere she has to go to the bathroom! I guess I am worrying because I am a mom. And not just any mom. I am A’Janaya’s mom!

Yesterday I thought very hard of any and everything that she needed in her book bag. I didn’t want to forget anything. I was unaware that you could have brought your child’s school supplys to open house, but that was kind of common sense, even though I didn’t take them. So therefore her book bag was kind of heavy, she almost tipped over! In between trying to get A’Janaya ready and prepped for school today I was dealing with a whiney 2 year old who wasn’t mine, yesterday. I had Bri the weekend too. She is a sweet heart though, I love Bri as if she were A’Janaya. I had to give A’Janaya a bath so I could wash her hair. This is called killing two birds with one stone. I am a licensed cosmetologist, but I HATE doing A’Janaya’s hair! I don’t put any chemicals in it. No relaxers in her hair, but I am so tempted now that I have to do her hair every week. But I am going to stand my ground. But the process that I have to go through is painful! I have to take her old hair style out, wash her hair, plat her hair immediately; or it will nap up and be undoable untill I wash it again, take the plats out one by one and blow dry then, flat iron, then style however. She has gotten better during all of this. She doesn’t cry anymore. But yesterday I got very frustrated while putting beads on the braids. Her father and I had previously talked about me doing her hair once a week on the weekends. I would do one color and pick outfits for the whole week to match accordingly. But oh no, he didn’t want her to wear flip flops the first day or an outfit from Wal-Mart. He was “trippin”. At first I had blue, white, and clear beads on her hair, then blue, clear and black, finally we settled on black and clear. AJ was so happy that I listened to him! But I was frustrated as hell. I told him he needs to learn to braid her hair or something.

In spite of me playing switch-a-roo with her beads I couldn’t be happier! A’Janaya started school today and she didn’t cry, nor did I. Of course AJ wasn’t gonna cry. All he kept saying when I said I was gonna cry is, “It’s not like you didn’t know this day was coming”. He sounds like the toy off of Toy Story 3. I consider A’Janaya starting school as a mile stone something like walking for the first time. And the first day of school is a mile stone. She will never start school for the first time ever again. I just can’t help but smile, oh and wait for the bus this afternoon. I can’t wait to hear about her day!!! I’m sure there will be lots to tell. Untill then our dog Baby Girl is walking around looking so sad. All she can do is lick her paws, she misses A’Janaya just as much as we do! Even thought AJ won’t admit it. He’s such as man!

Yesterday I Played Super Woman That’s The Life Of A Mom

13 Aug

I think I am still tired from yesterday. Today is a new day, but yesterday I was “Super Women”. I had so much to get done. Even though I knew it was going to be a busy day I still had to get on the computer to check Facebook, Twitter, Mom 2 Mom, upload my blog posting, and upload a picture to my blog, all before I got my day started. Before I got on the computer I had to call to my school; the community college that I am attending. The fall semester starts in 2 weeks, so I was trying to order my books online, but the system was not having it. I still didn’t order my books. After that it was time to get my love dressed then me. Breakfast was a no go yesterday morning, it was a grab something and go kind of day.

We had 3 set appointments but numerous stops to make yesterday. The heat made every stop almost unbearable. It was in the car seat, out the car seat, repeat this like 15 times. Now I am sick of the car seat! One appointment was at the WIC office. She got to see the dental hygienist, who painted fluoride on her teeth. Then the nutritionist told me not to give A’Janaya any food other then at meal and snack times. Only water in between. This is to get your child on a schedule for school as well as let them know food is offered at certain time, no earlier or later. I thought this was kind of harsh, but okay I think. They are always telling me how small she is, and asking me dumb questions like: Do you feed her? She is a slender something. Yes I do you idiot, she is my child! Of course I feed her! As for her being slender, its called DNA, its in her genes. To bad she got those genes from AJ. I get really tired of hearing that question.

Any way Pizza Hut was next. My daughter went around to different tables to talk to people. She did this more then she ate her food. But at least she did eat something. Recycling, Wal-mart, The Shoe Department, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Prince Edward Elementary school were all our next stops. Yesterday was open house at school. We got to meet A’Janaya’s teacher! Even though none of her friends are in the same class, she will make new friends. I know she was looking forward to being in her friends class, but life will go on.

Next was my friends house, which my daughter has been talking about going over for a while. So yesterday she got to do it. I had to make 2 more stops, Kroger and Dollar General again. Once I went back to my friends house it was time to go home.

My friends daughter slept over last night, and cried for “mama” a good portion of the time. When she wasn’t crying her and my daughter were playing in their dinner. Mashed potatoes in Bri’s hair and all on her forehead. Yeah I had to fix dinner. I have a thing that is called a “hungry man” his name is AJ, he’s always hungry. He can cook but is always looking for me to cook, even when I am super tired. What can I say he’s a man and I can cook!

Once it was bedtime Bri whined for “mama” until she fell asleep. She did this literally, she fell out of the bed! After the kids were in the bed and Bri was off of the floor, it was time for mommy and daddy to have some time to ourselves. We decided to watch a movie, Knocked Up, that movie is really funny. We laughed a lot! While watching the movie AJ had to go to the bathroom. I heard him say, “Oh shit”! Bri was sitting in the living room on the sofa all by herself and she wasn’t crying. She scared him! No one was suppose to be in the living room, especially at 2 something in the morning. She was mad she wouldn’t talk to us. She didn’t say it but she wanted her mama. Once Bri got in the bed with us I fell asleep. I woke up this morning it was just me and Bri in the bed. AJ was in the living room on the sofa with our daughter, sleep. I didn’t know he left out the room. I guess I was too tired to notice. He had finished the movie without me. Jokes on him, because I had already watched it! I knew he would like it, plus it was funny so I didn’t mind watching it again.

He Whined All Night Because A’Janaya Was At A Sleep Over

10 Aug

Sunday night I went to Wal-Mart and then to a friends house to watch True Blood. Don’t you just love that show? I know I do. My daughter went with me to my friends house, not to Wal-Mart. She went to play with my friends daughter. Anyway once I finally came back home for the night, here comes my daughters father, “Where is my baby”? I didn’t know she was going to stay just like he didn’t know. So it was a surprise to the both of us. To be honest he didn’t want her to go to my friends house in the first place. He is an avid football fan so Sunday is his day, and for some reason he thinks our daughter is suppose to sit and watch football with him. After he inquired about where his daughter was, he wanted me to go get her. She was just down the road less then 5 minutes away. But he acted like a little girl because his little girl was sleeping over at a friends house.

The phone rang at around 2:38 am, he woke me up, “That’s A’Janaya, go get her”. At least he thought it was her. False alarm, it was someone with a touch phone that kept calling us by accident. They never said anything because they were calling by accident. Other then the touch screen phone calling 3 times, AJ my boyfriend/daughters father annoyed me the whole night! This morning when I finally picked our daughter up she cried when we got back home, because she was back home without her friend. She just sat in the hallway crying. However she didn’t cry at all at my friends house. She really enjoyed herself. I can’t say the same for her father. I just knew he was going to cry because A’Janaya was gone. It ended up being A’Janaya’s very first sleep over. I’m so proud of her. Her father on the other hand…. It was…. I really don’t know. I can only imagine how he is going to act next week when she starts school for the first time. I guess we shall see. And I will be sure to blog about it.

To Know Me Is To Blog Me

29 Jul

To know me is to blog me, you should also follow me. Yes I’m on Twitter @MomPorschea87 and I also have a social networking site for moms. YAY!! Even though I only have 13 users, myself included, but I am going to keep at it. Just in case if you are interested in joining the site is Sometimes I feel like giving up on the site at times because I have hardly any users. But its something that I started and I am going to stick with it. I find it so funny because if I had a dis yo baby mama site I would have lots of users. But whatever. It is a great place for stay at home moms. I say this because my site is mobile, but it does not work on all mobile devices. It can be accessed from cell phone that have full web browsing access, so that’s a good thing. One of these days I will be an internet sensation. I have started recording something like a video blog, which I will be uploading to You Tube. But for some reason it won’t let me upload my video. Once I iron out the kinks you (the reader) will be able to view The Life Of A Black Mom. I think its about time that black mothers are depicted, even if its just for the viewing pleasures on You Tube. Boy I can only imagine what I will be able to capture. I have a kid, obviously and they do say and do the funniest things. Plus with my boyfriend; child’s father and myself in the mix, it should be good. Nothing scripted or written, just real life. Something that “reality” shows are missing. So it will never be a dull moment. I hope that you will watch me. So in the mean time I will keep on being a mother and student who blogs, tweets, records, surfs the net, and all other things in between. After August 2nd when the summer semester ends I will have lots of free time to work on all of the things and sites that I am apart of. I hope that you will love it all. Or at least like it. Untill next time….. Blog me or Tweet me on Twitter @MomPorschea87

27 Jul

My daughter will be starting preschool August 16th!!!Its kind of early, but we are all excited that she will be going. Some days she is excited and others she says “I don’t want to go to school!” Any who, I found some articles that can help with the flip flop feeling of your preschooler. I will be talking about this throughout the week. Let me know how your child is handeling going to school, weather it is for the first time or not. I would love to hear about it.
Here is an article that I found about school anxiety. I hope you will enjoy it!

I Want To Sleep On You Not Pee On You!

25 Jul

About 2 weeks ago I fell asleep on the sofa and of course my daughter woke up and fell asleep on me. The next morning the phone rang and I jumped up to get it, not noticing that I was wet on my whole right side. I knew it wasn’t the dog, it was my daughter A’Janaya. She had peed on me! I was mad at first, but I remembered that the hall light had blew, and I didn’t have any more to replace it. So maybe that’s why she peed on me. That was the first or second time she peed on herself since she has been potty trained. But the first time she peed on me. I have been pissed off and now pissed on! So anyway every time I go to bed A’Janaya always asks, “Can I sleep with you?” I tell her NO. She says, “I want to sleep on you not pee on you!” I thought that was the funniest thing ever.

When It Comes To Your Child, What Would You Do?

22 Jul

Yesterday I was watching the Tyra Show of course it was a rerun but it was about the things that people do around their kids, and weather or not it is okay.
Question 1
Is it okay to be naked around your child? I personally don’ t see where there is a problem. However I do have a girl and I am a women so maybe that is why I don’t feel awkward if my daughter sees me naked or vice versa. I can say that if I had a boy I don’t think I would want him to see me walking around naked. There was an expert on the show, and she stated “it depends on the comfort level of the parent and the child”. There is no cut off age for a parent to stop walking around naked in front of their child. That applies to mothers and fathers, weather you have a boy or a girl.
Next question
Is it okay to let your child have sex under your roof? I am not at that point, because my daughter is only 3 years 10 months. But I don’t think that I would let her do the wild thing in my house. What about you, how do you feel about this? If you have a teenager or a child that is old enough to have sex, would you let them do it in your house?
Question 3
Is it okay to snoop on your kids? I don’t see why not. Its all about trust, yeah but something parents feel things, especially a women. If our intuition tells us something we will act on it and try to find out what is going on. I guess I will find out the answers to these questions and much more as my daughter gets older. Until then tell me how you feel about these questions. I would love to know.