Church, Offering, Love, and the Lord

27 Aug

I went to church this Sunday, as I do whenever I’m not working. Since I’ve been here in Newport News I had been looking for a church. And I finally found one. I have been attanding Six Mount Zion Baptist Temple for a couple of months now…and I love it! The preaching is great, the singing is amazing, I truely get a message from the word that I receive. I have been to many different churches; all of them Baptist, and I have heard many different preachers. Some services have left me feeling like I could be a better person, after the word that I received. Other services not so much. Whether the service was good or bad there is always a common thread…offering. Sure offering is a normal part of the church service. But I am speaking exclusively about the offering part of service.

Every church that I have ever been to during the offering part of service someone always says something in reference to loving the Lord and what you put in the collection plate. At the church that I attend now the Decon or the Pastor usualy says, “Now this is the part where you show how much you really love the Lord”! There is even a section in the church program that shows you how much your tides and offering should be. I get a kick out of that!

When I’m in church and they put a lot of emphasis on what you give instead of passing the collection plate and praying over the offering, I think of a few things. Have you ever scene the movie Leap of Faith with Steve Martin? In the movie he plays a fradulant preacher out to scam the congregation out of money. In the movie Steve says to his congregation, “The more you give the longer you live”! That part of the movie is too funny! I also think about Facebook with those annoying Jesus daily requests and posts. Like if you love Jesus! Does Jesus have a Facebook page?

With my mind wondering, I have a few questions. How does offering equate to a longer life? How does clicking a like button on Facebook equate to your love of Jesus? And finally how does what you put in the collection plate equate to loving the Lord? In my eyes it doesn’t! Am I wrong? By no means am I saying something bad about SMZBT or any other church, because I love the church I attend! I just need for folks to stop putting so much importance on offering, love, and Jesus!


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