My Q & A With Louise Edington

28 Aug

I got to play question and answer with Louise Edington, whom I came across by total accident. She was a person who liked one of my Facebook fan pages. After I saw her name I decided to check her out. I then saw that she was a mom, blogger, tweeter, and took part in many other things. I skimmed over her blog and found a posting that I related to. So I checked out her blog a little more, eventually becoming a subscriber. I contacted Louise via e-mail and asked her could I ask her some questions, because she was a mom and blogger…. She said yes! The following is my Q & A with Louise Edington. I hope you will enjoy it!


First off let other me ask, what are all of the projects that you are currently working on or the projects that you will be doing in the future?


I am currently learning how to use social media to grow my business. I’m a Childcare Coordinator for a live in cultural exchange AuPair program and I’m looking for families for whom hosting an AuPair is a great option. I have just completed The Social Networking Coaching Club with Ann Evanston through which I have learnt how to market online without being ‘salesy’. I actually did a blog post about the course and also about my role as a Childcare Coordinator for those that would be interested to learn more.


What made you start blogging?


I had always liked the idea of doing a blog but never got round to it. I actually started blogging as a part of Ann Evanston’s boot camp and I wonder why on earth I didn’t start years ago!


What is your blogging style?


My style? Hmmm – I’m just me really. I try to convey who I am through blogging. I’m British so I try and put across some of my Britishness and I try to inject a little humor into my posts.


Since you do have a blog, let others know, what makes your blog so special? In other words, why should someone subscribe to your blog or at least read it?


I feel my blog is special because I am a very energetic person who lives a very full life so I have a lot to talk about. I’m an older mum who works at home and tries to juggle all that, that entails. I have also moved a LOT in my life. I lived in Canada and the US as an AuPair/Nanny when I was younger and I’ve lived back in the UK, Australia and here in the US again with my husband and children. I call my blog Lou Loves Learning because I see myself as a lifelong learner. I have a thirst for learning new things and I am enjoying sharing my experiences and that thirst for knowledge with others.


I checked out your blog, I also subscribe to your blog and I was looking at your blog posting “Working Stay At Home Mum- My Day”, your day was pretty busy. Is that typical for you? I know as a mom myself who is trying to get into blogging it can be hard. It can actually be very hard from my perspective, just by trying to balance everything.
How do you do it?


Yes, that’s a very typical day for me. I’m still learning how to balance and sometimes I do it better than others. I’m finding focus helps. I am focusing on my goals, creating a vision board and statement so that I know what I’m aiming for. Of course those goals are moveable but it really helps to have that focus. I also find that to do lists are a BIG help – again, they help keep focus.


For all of the people who think that bloggers just sit at home all day behind their computers, have it easy, and don’t really have a job, what would you like to say to these people? I ask this question, because once upon a time I was one of those people. I thought the job was very easy, at least until I started to partake in blogging.


Well I’m not just a blogger, it’s a part of what I do. However, I do see it as a major part of my job as it means that I get to meet people and those people get to know me. Hopefully those that get to know me through blogging will not only enjoy my blog but also think of me if they ever need live in childcare or if they hear of someone else who needs live in childcare. Blogging also keeps me busy – to do a blog well there are certain things I have to remember to do and also I have to blog frequently and that means thinking about it almost constantly to get ideas for blog posts.

Well that just about sums up my Q & A with Louise Edington. I really appreciate you taking the time out to answer my questions. Thanks a million! In the mean time everyone else can check out Louise’s blog


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