Sunday Paper Without Coupons

9 Aug

Once upon a time I use to purchase the Sunday paper on a regular basis. This was all in part just to get the coupons. For some reason I stopped getting the paper. To the best of my memory it was because the paper that I use to purchase was either (A) out because I got there too late to purchase it, (B) an old paper; I’m talking 2-3 weeks old, or (C) I just didn’t go to the store.

So it has been at least 5 months since I last purchased a Sunday paper. This time when I do, of course there are no Sunday coupons. When I was at the newspaper machine (whatever you call it) there were no more Richmond Times Dispatch nor any other newspaper that I use to buy. So I had to settle for the Roanoke Times. DOWNER!!!! When I mentioned an old paper, I am talking about the Roanoke Times. That is the worst news paper to get. I could smack myself for wasting my $1.50 on this news paper. I thought at least there would be coupons in the paper, I just knew this because I could see what looked like coupons hanging out the side of the paper. I already knew it was a current paper because I checked the date on front. So if the other papers were out of date or if there were no more, I could grab the one on display. Which is what I had to do anyway because that was the last newspaper. Needless to say when I got in the car I noticed that there were NO COUPONS!!! I give up I have the worst luck when it comes to purchasing newspapers. Who knew it required luck to purchase a darn newspaper?

Once upon a time even before I was buying the Sunday paper on the regular, I subscribed to another newspaper, The Daily Progress. I got a great deal in front of the store, Kroger. The sales man assured me that the paper could be delivered to my new residence. However he was wrong. I waited so long for my subscription that I forget it even existed. Once I remembered I called for a refund, which I got about a month later. I am going to try my luck next Sunday, so people please wish me luck on getting the newspaper that I want, with coupons in it!!


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