I Social Network, I Facebook, I Tweet, and I Wish You Join Me

5 Aug

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is good. I haven’t been on in a while. I know, I know. I have been finishing up with the last few weeks of school and it paid off. I made the presidents list yet again. So that means I am still an honor student. I am so PROUD of myself. Since school is over I can now get back to blogging, promoting my website, and Tweeting on Twitter. I have 79 followers on Twitter. Feel free to follow me I am MomPorschea87. I tweet about a wide variety of topics and I also let my followers know of whatever deals are going on. This really helps, because I am a bargain shopper to the extreme!
I have a website http://www.Mom2Mom.socialgo.com it is a social networking site for moms. Once I get more users I will add a video chat feature. So people, people please join. I might be bias but I feel it is a great site. Even though I only have 15 users, myself included. But hey I love my site. I also have a FaceBook page for the site http://www.facebook.com/#!/apps/application.php?id=137376279619345 it also links to my site Mom 2 Mom. I added a question for discussion for the first time today. I will be adding a question daily now. Feel free to comment and give your opinion, feed back, or whatever. It is really appreciated! I don’t have many people on any of my projects, but I am trying. While trying, I hope you will join me in my endeavors.


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