I Hate Rude People!

2 Aug

People are so rude and, I really hate it. I know I can be a bitch at times, but I do have manners. People should know that please, excuse me, and thank you are all kind words. I have held conversations with people about other people and manners just to see the mind-set of others. I spoke with one lady about holding the door for others and she told me, “No one does that any more!” A friend was with me and we both said, “We do!” It is just common curtsey to hold the door open for someone, when someone is coming behind you, or just in general. It doesn’t hurt to help someone who is in need. What is the problem with saying thank you? If someone does a kind gesture for you, you are suppose to say thank you. Hello! This is just common sense. When you are walking pass someone is a tight space, excuse me is the proper thing to say. But I have found that most people have no manners at all. I just don’t know what the world is coming to. Some people act as if they were raised by “wolves”. I was raised by my grandmother and if she taught me anything it was manners. That is something that I do have, how about you?


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