I Want To Sleep On You Not Pee On You!

25 Jul

About 2 weeks ago I fell asleep on the sofa and of course my daughter woke up and fell asleep on me. The next morning the phone rang and I jumped up to get it, not noticing that I was wet on my whole right side. I knew it wasn’t the dog, it was my daughter A’Janaya. She had peed on me! I was mad at first, but I remembered that the hall light had blew, and I didn’t have any more to replace it. So maybe that’s why she peed on me. That was the first or second time she peed on herself since she has been potty trained. But the first time she peed on me. I have been pissed off and now pissed on! So anyway every time I go to bed A’Janaya always asks, “Can I sleep with you?” I tell her NO. She says, “I want to sleep on you not pee on you!” I thought that was the funniest thing ever.


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