When It Comes To Your Child, What Would You Do?

22 Jul

Yesterday I was watching the Tyra Show of course it was a rerun but it was about the things that people do around their kids, and weather or not it is okay.
Question 1
Is it okay to be naked around your child? I personally don’ t see where there is a problem. However I do have a girl and I am a women so maybe that is why I don’t feel awkward if my daughter sees me naked or vice versa. I can say that if I had a boy I don’t think I would want him to see me walking around naked. There was an expert on the show, and she stated “it depends on the comfort level of the parent and the child”. There is no cut off age for a parent to stop walking around naked in front of their child. That applies to mothers and fathers, weather you have a boy or a girl.
Next question
Is it okay to let your child have sex under your roof? I am not at that point, because my daughter is only 3 years 10 months. But I don’t think that I would let her do the wild thing in my house. What about you, how do you feel about this? If you have a teenager or a child that is old enough to have sex, would you let them do it in your house?
Question 3
Is it okay to snoop on your kids? I don’t see why not. Its all about trust, yeah but something parents feel things, especially a women. If our intuition tells us something we will act on it and try to find out what is going on. I guess I will find out the answers to these questions and much more as my daughter gets older. Until then tell me how you feel about these questions. I would love to know.


2 Responses to “When It Comes To Your Child, What Would You Do?”

  1. shamgaranath July 22, 2010 at 6:20 pm #


    1. The most important thing is to not overreact. They won’t know it’s a big deal unless you tell them it is.

    2. I have my own personal beliefs. If you are old enough to have sex, you are old enough to live in your own place. I could not allow my daughter to do that ever.

    3. Give them privacy until they prove they can’t be trusted. If they can’t, they lose any privacy.

    I hope what I said has not offended you. These are simply my opinions.

    • porschea87 July 23, 2010 at 12:03 am #

      I love your responses! Thank you for taking the time out to check out my post. It is greatly appreciated.

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