Technology and the Destruction of Family: You Be the Judge

21 Jul

I am 23 years old and technology is a very big part of my generation. The days of people writing letters are long gone. Now a days the only thing that is being sent to someone else through the mail is a mail from an inmate or a birthday card; but technology now has it so you can send an electronic birthday card. Cell phone or smart phone, everybody and their mama has one. Text messages have replaced the daily calls between families and friends. Computers and now the Ipad, chances are you own one or the other. E-mail has replaced some of the work that the mail man once did. Everyone is up on the digital communication. Everyone but me… Well somewhat. I love to talk on the telephone, I love to receive letters and birthday cards via mail. Those are the mementos that I put away in a show box in the top of my closet. When I go into a deep thought process reminiscing, I go to that box, read my letters and look at my birthday cards. I just love the good old days. You gotta love memories. I know I do! But I do love a computer, social networking, e-mail, and text messaging too.
Even though there are many benefits that are reaped from technology, where do you draw the line? Is it okay to just communicate with people digitally? Or are we as people losing our sense of personality with cell phone, e-mail, and everything else? Lol this and smh that. At first I was like what does smh mean? You can’t tell how someone is feeling with acronyms or “text talk” as I call it. I like text messaging just as much as the next person, but if I am going to have an in depth conversation with someone I want to do it over the phone and not through a key pad. I want to hear every sigh, every pause, and if you have to think about your response to me I want to hear the silence, just so I can know if you are lying or not. This really works when it comes to men, who text there lies frequently. The longer the response time, the longer the male has to think so you know their lying. You can tell right off hand while your are in an actual conversation on the telephone. Text messaging and e-mails make lies harder to detect, well at least for me it does.
Me personally, I like texting and all but I think it is a bit over rated. I would rather talk on the phone any day. The computer I really don’t know, because I am on here everyday several times a day. Even still technological advances have really replaced traditional ways of doing things. Family time is enjoyed less and when families do get together there are a lot of interruptions. Cell phone ringing or vibration, IM notifications, and everything in between. In a sense technology is a destructive force for today’s families. What do you think? Does modern technology make it harder for families to be a family and is the bond of a family slowly being destroyed by technology? I would love to know how you feel.


2 Responses to “Technology and the Destruction of Family: You Be the Judge”

  1. Mister Reiner July 22, 2010 at 3:22 pm #

    Nothing can replace a hug, the sound of laughter and seeing a smile. Technology is a great thing, but it can’t replace humans – well, at least not yet. 😉

    • porschea87 July 22, 2010 at 4:25 pm #

      I agree, I am so glad that you took the time out to read my post. Thanks a million!! Technology is a great thing, but people have gotten too wrapped up in it. People should take the time out and put down everything from the digital world and interact with people on a more personal level, in person. It is a beautiful thing, but technology has made it harder for people to act like people. Technology is something like a drug. I know people who love Facebook, and when they do not get on they go through withdrawals.

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