The Last Of What I Had

14 Jun

My great-grandma passed around 10 o’clock, June 10th, and she was the last Grandma I had.

I got the call last Tuesday that my great-grandma whom we call Grandma only had a few days left at most, if she made even made it through the day. I tried to get to the nursing home that day to see her, but eventually I made it the next day.

The trip of going to basically watch a loved one die, is a trip that I am all too familiar with. Grandma was my last grandma. I grew up with her and her daughter; my grandmother Nanny, they raised my sister and me.

August 3rd 2007 Nanny died. She spent a couple of weeks in the hospital, before she died. I remember going to the hospital everyday, with the rest of the family to see her. I remember going to see her in the hospital before I went to work, that Saturday.. After I got to work, my sister called me stating Nanny had died. This was a real shock, even though she was in the hospital she had gotten better and work up, the day before she died.

Move forward not even a year, my other Grandmother on my father’s side was in the hospital. She was dying also. She had cancer and it was terminal. My aunt called me and told me if I could get up to D.C., I should come because Grandma wasn’t doing so well. My best friend and I drove up that weekend, of June 13th and came back to Virginia. That next week on the 17th my aunt called me once again, Grandma had died. I traveled back to D.C. that weekend for the funeral.

Now in present day my last grandma has passed on to the unknown. I think back to the time when my other grandmothers passed, and it feels like the same situation all over again. I have been to each of my 3 grandmothers bedside crying and asking god to let them be okay. Talk about deja’ vu. I grew up knowing all 3 of my grandmothers. I was raised by 2 in the same household. Now I have to go and say my goodbyes, because I have none left. What will I do without my grandmothers? When God has taken the last of what I have.


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