Day Time Soaps

9 Jun

The Young and the Restless

Why is Tatiana Ali on The Young and the Restless looking a hot mess? I know she hasn’t been an A lister in a while but damn, that ponytail on her head has seen better days. Not just because it is a ponytail, but it didn’t look natural, her real wasn’t smoothed down, it was just awful. On top of it they are so 90’s. I don’t recommend that anyone wears something like that in the 2000’s.

On another note…. Why does all of the “sex” scenes airing on any soap opera, never involve a condom. Okay they don’t show anything but covers and shoulders but no condom. The only exception to this is usually when there is a young couple, about to do the do. So I wonder does daytime soap operas promote unprotected sex? If not, I’m not convinced.

On another note why can’t Billy and Victoria be together?? They make a good couple, at least a I think so. Billy has been sticking by her for a while now. I am hoping that they get married for a second time, and that it would be legal. On top of that I hope she gets custody of Reed back, and stick it to JT, because his character is an ass.

Now lets start on the situation of Adam faking his own death. I could go on with this forever. Why did he decide to set up his brother Nick? Now he’s laid up in Brazil in the bed with some girl, while his father is knocked out in Canada. And what is up with that distract attorney, what does he have against the Newman’s?? He is really out the get them for some reason. There is now proof that Nick did not kill Adam, and Adam is not dead. Even still the D A still is bringing Nick up on charges of the Hightower guys murder. I may be wrong, but I think he is in cahoots with Adam. I wonder what excitement Friday has to bring. I guess I will have to stay tuned and see.


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