If I Fall Into The Toilet One More Time

8 Jun

Why Can’t “Men” Let Down The Toilet Seat

If I go to the bathroom, and fall in the toilet one more time, I just might lose it. Why can’t men understand that women pee sitting down, and not standing up. It is just common curtsey to let down the seat, when you are finished. And on top of that it only takes a second to let the damn seat down. If a man could hold his “equipment and aim precisely they would be able to master using the bathroom with the seat down, without splashing urine all over the place. So please take into consideration that you are not the only person using the bathroom. And if a female is coming behind you to use the bathroom, they might not want to bathe their butt via the toilet bowl. Thats all…. Thank you.


One Response to “If I Fall Into The Toilet One More Time”

  1. Patrice June 8, 2010 at 8:47 pm #

    You really hit this one head on. I feel that all men living in a house with a women needs to read this post, because no one wants to fall in the TOILETTTTT! Thanks for getting this post exactle right.

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