It’s My Birthday… So What?

6 Jun

   Okay today is my birthday June 6th, also Dooms Day, I just thought I’d throw that in there… My Facebook page has been jumping all day with Happy Birthday wishes!! I feel so special. But really who cares? I spent my whole day at home doing homework. Yes homework. I’m taking summer classes and they are really intense. Psychology is no joke, and Theories of Personality is no joke to the 10th power. Anyway just because it is my birthday does not mean that time stops for me, or anyone else for that matter.

    I went to bed last night; actually this morning around three-ish almost four. After I turned over to find that my 3-year-old had climbed into the bed with her father and I. I moved her legs from out of my way and checked the time. It was only 7:48 AM. Needless to say I went right back to bed. But I must admit that those 3 hours; give or take a few minutes really felt good, they actually felt like 8. I was refreshed. I reawaken to the sound of a ringing telephone, all caring friends and family wanting to wish me a happy birthday. Once I got myself together my daughter got up also. “Yelling it’s Mama birthday!!” She really felt happy. Then after she went on yelling how it was my birthday, she started on, the day being her birthday, then her dogs birthday. She was so excited.

   I attempt to pull out my psychology book and knock out the last two reading assignments of the week, so I can do the two quizes that I have left for the week also. Instead A’Janaya wants me to help her with her letters. As of right now while I am blogging, she is holding up her kid sized dry erase board, “Mama look” she wants me to notice the work that she has done.

   Today I still had to cook, perform random household tasks, school work, and clean. Don’t get me started on the work of cleaning a house with a 3-year-old, and 2 dogs; only at the moment in the house. I can’t keep a house clean. I really need a maid, that would have been the perfect birthday present.

   Any who, the moral of the story is….. Life never stops just because it is your birthday. Especially motherhood, being a mother  never stops, no matter what the problem or no matter what the date is. Even if it happens to be your birthday.


One Response to “It’s My Birthday… So What?”

  1. Patrice June 8, 2010 at 8:56 pm #

    Happy be-lated birthday!!!

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