New to Blogging

5 Jun

Hello this is my first ever blog… Bare with me. I am/ was a Facebooker at one point and time, and still visit the site on a regular basis, but not as much as I use too. I first joined when I was fresh out of high school,and in my first year at PVCC a community college; back then Facebook was exclusively for college students. Now however everyone and there mama is on FB. You have kids running rampid with drama, so much drama. There are so many Facebook gangstas on now. Not only that you also have hackers, who hack you account. Now you may or may not be the one who changed your status, you may or may not have sent someone a message,or you may or may not have sent someone you do not associate a friend request. With all of this said I am looking for a different avenue to express mysself without getting my account and computer hacked. Even still I can’t help but to check my Facebook every other day. At one time it was everyday a couple of times a day. Afterall it is a great way to keep in touch with former classmates, long lost friends, family, and all of other people in between. My sister’s sister found me on FB trying to get in contact with my mother after searching for her 12 years. Reasons like that is why I keep my account active. So I will continue to update my status every now and then and blog. Untill next time…..
Porschea the Facebooker and new blogger


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