Everything Is On Recall…. Even This Blog??

5 Jun

Every time I turn on the television on long into my e-mail, I hear about yet another product that has been recalled. I mean everything from food, cars, cribs, toys, and the newest product to be put on the recall list is 12 million Sherk drinking glasses made for McDonald’s (to read more about the recall visit (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100604/ap_on_he_me/us_cadmium_shrek). In this day and age you don’t know what is safe on the shelfs for public consumption and what is not. Who would have ever thought that driving a car down the road would unexpectedly speed up and the driver has no way of controlling this event or making the car stop. For some people who lived to tell the tale, they don’t have to imagine it, because they lived through it. Me personally I would not buy a newer model Toyota, or ride in one for that matter. I love my life a lot and I don’t want to chance it to an unpredictable car that may or may not accelerate. No thanks, but I’ll pass.. How do you feel about the situation? I would love to know.


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